Farrugia is a family name which is primarily found in Malta, Sicily, Sardinia and Italy. It is Semitic in form as faruj whilst its Latin form is fellus. In Maltese farruġ means rooster which can be found on the family coat of arms.

The surname is of Italian origin which means one who tilled the land, an agriculturist, who mainly cultivated herbs and cereals for animal feed. Moreover, its Latin variant could mean someone who dealt with iron like a blacksmith.

Facade of the family home

Dar Farruġ

The family home is located in Birkirkara. Traditional Maltese houses are named with a sign on the facade. The direct translation is House of Farruġ.

Reception area of Dar Farruġ

Kemu Ħelu

When my Nanna would answer the door she would greet me Kemu Ħelu which means sweet boy followed by the biggest kiss on the cheek and a tight hug.

My Dad arranging the chair in the study where my Nannu used to write his literature

The Study

Sunday visits would involve spending some time in my Nannu’s study, playing computer games. That is my Dad in the picture seeing things are in place.

The Garden

The Garden

I would hide away in the garden creating my own adventures among the orange and lemon trees chasing the cats and keeping the dog company.

Some of my Nannu's hunting rifles


The house is plastered with my Nannu’s guns on the walls, from pistols to rifles. Hunting was a hobby of his.